Sandra C. and Kim C. – 16 nights in Fiji

Customer Name: Sandra C. and Kim C.
Date of travel: January 2016
Destination: Fiji
Holiday description: 2 nights at the Volivoli Resort, 10 nights aboard the Fiji Siren and 4 nights at the Uprising Resort
Holiday Score: 10

Well, as you know we are back from our fabulous holiday that you so wonderfully put together for us.

1. Yes, it was worth worth every penny.

2. The destination including the 2 hotels that we stayed in were as described on trip advisor. Although both Sandy &  I agreed that Volivoli hotel felt more like a transit hotel awaiting for Siren. There were no money changing facilities or shop, so I'd inform guests in future  staying there to change monies if necessary at the airport upon arrival and take everything with them.

3. Having MJ arranging your holiday you know that everything will be arranged. Transfers were waiting very clean and efficient with working air con!  Checkin at Volivoli was like checking in at a travel lodge, no drink to welcome you after a 3 hr drive. Uprising were far more helpful and welcoming. Sadly neither hotel offered free internet.

4. Both Sandy & I were happy not to have been at ,Vilivoli any longer than we were as this hotel felt very in personal the only staff member that made a point of communication was Simon from Siren.  Breakfast at Volivoli was a couple of pieces of fruit and 2 slices of toast. Future guests should be advised to perhaps upgrade the breakfast choice. Uprising on the other hand was amazing.

5. 4th Siren trip....enough said apart from number 5 booked.

Hope these answers are helpful. I know it sounds like we hated Volivoli we both kinda got the impression that the hotel was only there because of Siren. Even once we checked out and waited for boat pick up they never offered drinks including water unless you purchased it, the the owner of the hotel is a major owner of the boat so it would have been nice PR. The complex lacked comfort very few sun beds those by beach had no mattresses. Although the view from the room was fab.