Desert Camel Safari

The Camel Safari offers a mixture of culture, nature, religion and adventure. During the safari, native Bedouins will prepare simple, but nutritious meals over campfire.

The route that you take will ensure you come out with a deep understanding of the origins of oriental culture and with having seen amazing views of the varied landscape.

This trip will include a jeep and camel rides and some trekking around the Canyon. You will have the opportunity to see the amazing white Canyon made off sandstone and limestone. Then you will be transfered to the Oasis Ain Hudra, a marvellous oasis full of palm trees surrounded and embraced by steep beautiful sandstone mountains from all directions.



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Monday, 30 March 2015

Robert F. – 7 nights at the Falcon Inn Naama Bay

7 Nights at the Falcon Inn Naama Bay and 5 days diving with Emperor Divers

Robert F. – 7 nights at the Falcon Inn Naama Bay

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