Julian S – 7 nights in Grenada

Customer Name: Julian S
Date of travel: February 2014
Destination: Grenada
Holiday description: 7 nights at the True Blue Bay Resort & Villas & 5 days diving with Aquanauts
Costumer Comment: A high 8, pushing 9 out of 10 diving holiday.

The overall package of flights and hotel seems a bit expensive but I know that Grenada is one of the more expensive Caribbean destinations, so that is just the way it is. The Diving is very good with a nice variety of reef and rust, warm water, good visibility most of the time.
The diving was what I expected and a little more. I was quite pleased with the variety of dives (even when visiting the same site a second time). It is worth commenting there was little big stuff (except 1 large Manta) but this was probably due to the season. Reefs seem healthy with plenty of life.

The transfer was waiting with a board as informed at arrivals. The actual hotel is close to the airport (a couple of bays along) so the transfer was quick. There was no checking to see if I had to pay cash or it was part of the booking, so admin was good. On departure from the hotel, they already knew they had a transfer booked and rang the driver in the morning to check he had not forgotten.

Hotel (and Dive centre) had all booking details already to hand so it went easily and well.

The hotels experience was very good. The site is quite remote from the rest of the urban areas of Grenada. BUT - it is probably in one of the nicest parts of the island (next to St Georges University) so it felt pretty safe. The hotel was quiet - even 'though it was apparently fully booked on 2 of the days I was there. At no time was it crowded, noisy etc. Food at the hotel was expensive - I suspect even by Caribbean standards, but there is little other local option unless you want to take a taxi or bus to one of the towns. However there are food stalls just round the corner which serve St Georges University students so this is a good cheap way to eat if you want to. I did about 50:50. Staff are nice and helpful. Food is good; restaurant has wonderful views over bay and marina. A minor thing but really helpful. Tap water on Grenada is safe to drink. This is really helpful because you don't have to worry about ferrying bottles of water everywhere to keep hydrated. Strangely this really made a difference. Short version is: If I was going back to Grenada, I would probably want to stay at the place again for convenience, quiet and proximity to Aquanauts

The dive centre operation was good. Staff was helpful and knowledgeable. Easy going but very safety conscious with clear briefings and always taking surface markers with them. I did not use rental kit but I had a good look at their stuff and it was in good condition and I would have been happy to use it. It was a definitely an advantage to have it so close to the hotel (30meters from my room) as it made starts very easy. Staff are clearly interested in local aquatic environment and want to tell you what things are. They engage with customers well (and without you feeling that you are 'just another tourist').

The boats were good. They all had shade. Water was provided on all boats and you were encouraged to use it. The team checked to see who was nitrox qualified and whilst they would often set up kit for you (something I am not used to and will only go and do it all again myself anyway!) they will make Nitrox divers confirm the reading and sign for it (as usual I was bolshie and did it myself anyway). Bananas and tea between dives, they also did most of the hard work packing up afterwards for most of the day divers (often University students). Even the snorkellers who joined the boat on some trips got clear briefings, a guide in the water and if necessary - swimmers life vests.