Grenada diving offers the perfect alternative to the Red Sea as well as a great choice for a Caribbean learn to dive experience.

Grenada offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean with over 30 dive sites ranging from shallow reefs, stunning topography and exceptional wrecks all easily accessed by shore or boat.

Insider’s View

This year-round destination offers divers some of the best diving in the Caribbean with a wide range of diving options including amazing shipwrecks, beautiful wall dives and pinnacles, wrecks, coral gardens, muck diving and a beautiful underwater sculpture park. For us, it really is Grenada diving at its best!

Most of the dive sites are located around the south and west coast of the Island and are easily accessible either by snorkelling near shore reefs or by taking a short boat ride. The furthest dive site is around Rhonde Island where the visibility is unparalleled, and the sea life is magnificent.

The reefs here are composed of finger coral, sea whips, sea fans, brain coral, pillar coral and a colourful collection of marine life including angel fish, parrot fish, wrasse, trigger fish, jaw fish and many others. On deeper waters divers will have the opportunity to see eagle rays, turtles, grouper and Caribbean sharks.

Grenada is also considered the wreck capital of the Caribbean with more than 15 wrecks to explore on its seascape. Biana C, the “Titanic of the Caribbean” sunk on an explosion back in 1961 and today lies at a depth of 50 metres with the main deck between 28 and 38 metres. An exciting dive you do not want to miss out on!


Beginner, All


14 Nights

Reefs & Sharks

From £2895

Tobago & Grenada Diving Experience

Tobago, Tobago

Tobago and Grenada are two of our favourite Caribbean diving destinations as they offer a fantastic diving mixture of reefs, wrecks and pelagic as well as fantastic white sandy beaches.

  • 7 nights at the Shepherds Inn Tobago
  • 7 nights at the True Blue Bay Grenada
  • Enormous brain corals
  • Dive the Bianca C wreck
  • Diverse & varied marine life
  • Perfect for couples & groups

Beginner, All


14 Nights

Reefs & Wrecks

From £3195

Incredible Caribbean

Barbados, Barbados

Just another great combination with Grenada and Barbados attracting hundreds of divers who love exploring the diving diversity these two distinct destinations have on offer. From wrecks to reefs you will have 2 weeks full of fun memories.

  • 7 nights at the Palms Resort Barbados
  • 7 nights at the True Blue Bay Grenada
  • Shore, drift & wreck diving
  • Dive the Bianca C wreck
  • Land tours available
  • Artificial reefs

3.5 Stars

Year Round

11 Hours

Beginner, All

From £1650

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Grenada, Grenada Island

True Blue Bay Resort is perched on a lush green hillside of Grenada offering guests beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and the man-made white sandy beach next to the resort’s private dock.

  • A small friendly divers resort
  • 5 minute shuttle ride from Grand Anse
  • Close to the beach/private dive jetty
  • On-site man-made beach
  • Aquanauts dive centre on-site
  • WIFI/Pool/Room Svc/Bar/Shuttle Bus


Friday, 04 September 2020

Destination Inspiration: Grenada

If you have been day dreaming of exploring new places or heading back to old favourites, but aren't sure where is safe to go and what’s happening when you arrive at the destination we've rounded up a number of reasons why Grenada is the place to go.

Destination Inspiration: Grenada

Spicy Half Day

This tour gives a good flavour of the Island

Tour Type: Cultural Tours

Rainforest Hike & Spa

By far the most popular hiking and trekking area in Grenada is undoubtedly the rainforest around the Grand Etang Forest Reserve.

Tour Type: Hiking Tours

Historic St. Georges

Travel through time and discover the hidden delights of St George’s, starting with the Kalinago, the Indians of South America, who arrived in Grenada over 1500 years ago – long before Columbus sailed to the new world and sighted Grenada.

Tour Type: Cultural Tours

Carriacou Triple Treat and Carriacou Day Tour

On this tour, you have the choice to fly or to take the ferry to Carriacou!

Tour Type: Cultural Tours

Seven Sisters Waterfall Hike

Explore the natural treasures of Grenada as we take you on an exciting trek to the heart of Grenada.

Tour Type: Adventure Tours

Half Day Sampler

Grenada’s panoramic beauty will keep you wanting to take many photos on this tour which is definitely designed to satisfy all your senses!

Tour Type: Cultural Tours

Deluxe Grenada In A Nutshell

See most of the island in a day - the picturesque west coast and Gouyave Nutmeg Station.

Tour Type: City Trips

Advanced Hike

Hike with an experienced guide who knows the trail and can “cut bush” when the need arises!

Tour Type: Hiking Tours

The Southern Tour

Tour the South of Grenada and witness some of the most picturesque locations on the Spice Isle.

Tour Type: Cultural Tours

Spice Splash, Grenada

4 Hours

Tour Type: Soft & Easy

Saturday Market & Historic Tour

Experience the sights and sounds of a typical West Indian market as our guide introduces you to the spectacle of the Saturday Market, St. George's style.

Tour Type: Cultural Tours

Island Treasures

Discover the treasures of the beautiful island of Grenada. Learn the rich history and culture of our island paradise on this leisurely bus tour.

Tour Type: Cultural Tours

Destination Fact File

Grenada diving offers the perfect alternative to the Red Sea as well as a great choice for a Caribbean learn to dive experience.

Climate Information

Wildlife Calendar

Destination Key Information

Currency Eastern Caribbean dollar
Time Difference GMT -4
Vaccinations Hepatitis A, Combined Diptheria, Tetanus & Polio, your nurse will tell you if you need Hepatitis B and Typhoid vaccination.
Tipping A service charge of 18% is typically added to your bill in hotels and restaurants. If no service charge is added, a 10% tip is generally expected.
Passport & Visas You will get a 90 day tourist visa on arrival. Must have a valid passport six months valid from the date of return.
Flight Routes Departing from Gatwick BA flies direct to the island
International Flight Durations Around 10+ hours when flying direct with BA. Other routes and airlines may vary.
Luggage Allowance 23 Kg
Transfer Information Takes approximately 10 minutes from the international airport to True Blue Bay Resort & Villas.
Dive Season Grenada is a year-round diving destination.