Destination Inspiration: Grenada

If you have been day dreaming of exploring new places or heading back to old favourites, but aren't sure where is safe to go and what’s happening when you arrive at the destination we've rounded up a number of reasons why Grenada is our focused destination on our monthly inspiration. From a beach escape in Grand Anse Beach to an exciting diving adventure taking in the underwater sculpture park and the Bianca C just to name a few of the dive sites, here are five reasons to visit Grenada in the coming months. Ready to come with us?

5 reasons why there has never been a better time to visit Grenada

At just over 13 hours flight time, Grenada Island is one of our favourite diving destinations. It is very easy to see why, whether you are looking to unwind with the family or fancy some action-packed adventures, the island has it all.

1) Grenada has been recognised by the World Travel & Tourism Council and it’s ‘Safe Travels’ Stamp

The island has been recognised by the World Travel & Tourism Council and it’s ‘Safe Travels’ Stamp. This vote of confidence was given after the Grenada Tourism Authority submitted its health and safety protocols developed for the six subsectors of Tourism to the World Travel & Tourism Council for review. The subsectors included attractions, food and beverage, accommodation, transportation, tourism services and the much-loved watersports. The World Tourism body approved the protocols and has now given its blessing for Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean to use its WTTC Safe Travels Stamp.

When on the island, approved products and services will carry the Pure Safe Travel Approved stamp so all you have to do is look out for these stamps and remember to practice social distancing and wear a mask when needed just as you would here in the UK.

2) Beautiful beaches

This beautiful island features more than 45 beaches full of countless opportunities for plain relaxing, snorkeling and adventure.

Grand Anse Beach on the Southwest of St. George’s is a 3 kilometers long white sandy stretch lined with almond trees. For sure, one of the best beaches in Grenada. You can go off diving from the beach, take in some of the activities on offer, chill out on your own towel or grab yourself a drink and some food at one of the many restaurants and bars lining the beach and COVID certified.

Magazine Beach is another favorite for us. Located on south of St. George's Parish close to the airport, this quiet, soft white sand beach with turquoise waters is great for snorkeling and to spend a relaxing afternoon or longer!

The list just goes on! On a day trip around the island be sure to have your camera settings correct as you will be taking many beach landscape photos.

3) It’s quieter than normal!

Reduced visitor numbers mean that beaches and popular attractions are less busy. There has never been a better time to explore the island or enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant. Let us help you find the ideal trip for you, whether you want to explore Grenada’s rich nature or fancy a more laid-back tour of the island.

4) Lots of things to do if you like being active

From our favourite scuba diving hobby to bird watching tours, waterfall trips, visits to the spice market or the chocolate factory, there are many activities we can include in your itinerary. Your journeys through the bustling spice market will have you enthralled with the aroma of freshly packaged spices and your visit to the Diamond Chocolate Factory and Cocoa Estate will take you through the traditional farming methods which still produces some of the world’s best chocolate.

5) Year-round diving destination with fantastic diving

The diving in Grenada is some of the best and boasts the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean. The Bianca C is a 600ft cruise ship, sunk in 1961, lying on a sandy plain in 167 feet of water, edged on the south side by Whibble Reef. The dives offer an abundance of pencil corals, brain corals and star corals. Alongside the corals are numerous fascinating creatures, including frogfish, seahorses, flying gurnard, white spotted octopus, unusual lobsters, shrimp and crabs are to be found everywhere, not a rarity as they are considered in other parts of the Caribbean.

Scuba diving in Grenada is great all year-round. The dry season runs between January and May and the rainy season between June and December although water temperatures are always warm and never drop below 27oC. Visibility also remains fairly good ranging from 15 to 30 metres. The hurricane season is only a step away from its end for this year as it tends to take place in August and September which means you can start planning your October getaway almost immediately. Sounds good? Give us a call today on 0208 655 6452 for the latest offers.