“Where conservation meets adventure” – this is Project Aware’s tagline and we stand 100% by it. Project Aware has spent over 25 successful years responding to the threats our ocean faces daily and we are very proud to be a small part of that success.”

Ultimate Diving and its team act on a regular basis by taking part on beach clean ups, fundraisers, donations and diving against debris in a bid to drive change and work towards solutions to stop marine debris at the source.

Getting Involved

You can get involved too by taking part in the many events across the globe, the choices are endless, and it is all for a massive big cause. You can start a fundraiser to host a bake sale, donate your birthday or run a marathon for ocean protection. Your financial support is critical in the fight to protect the ocean! For more details visit

Take the Pledge and Say No to Single Use Plastic

According to Project Aware, more than 250 million tons of plastic are estimated to end up in our ocean by 2025. All this plastic is going to seriously harm and kill wildlife like whales and sea turtles. We don’t want this to happen and are asking all divers to join the no to single-use plastic carry bags, water bottles and straws initiative. It is easy, lets start today.