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When diving under the PADI regulations, which is most common throughout the world you will be asked to complete some forms prior to diving. If you are new to diving you may be required to undertake a medical to confirm you are in a good state of health for the underwater sport.

There are 3 main forms to complete

Medical Statement (Download)

This form should be completed to confirm if you need to see a doctor prior to diving. We advise that you read this prior to your holiday if you are planning to commence your first underwater experience. The diving centre you dive with may also ask to see your medical or ask you to complete this form before they allow you to dive with them.

Liability Release & Assumption of Risk (Download)

Every diver will have to complete this from prior to commencing diving on their holiday. This allows the diving centre and instructor to limit their liability and you assuming the risks of being a scuba diver. Even though diving nowadays is a safe sport it can be dangerous if safety rules are not followed or medical questionnaires are not completed honestly.

Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding (Download)

This document has been complied to ensure divers are aware of the practices to follow during and after diving activities. It is designed to enhance the diving experience through safety and knowledge