Cape Verde

Reefs, caves and wrecks set around some amazing underwater topography.

Looking for something different to the Red Sea. Cape Verde diving is all about underwater topography and caverns decorated with unspoilt corals and resident Nurse Sharks.

Insider’s View

The diving in Cape Verde is truly special and magical. The fact that Cape verde’s diving is still in its infancy stages allows you to really discover and explore a plethora of marine life and a variety of underwater environments. Be prepared for up close and personal encounters with a variety of sharks and turtles including hammerheads, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, leatherbacks and hawksbills and much more.


4 Stars

Jan - Dec

9 Hours

Beginner, All

From £1265

Hotel Morabeza

Cape Verde, Sal Island

The Morabeza Hotel is an elegant resort set on a beachfront with breath-taking views of the sparkling blue ocean that is filled with underwater delights including rays, sharks and turtles!

  • Located on sandy beach
  • Ideal for couples & groups
  • Reefs, caves & wrecks
  • Diverse fish life
  • Pool/Beach/Bar/Gym/Internet/Tennis
  • Island hopping excursions


Year round

7 nights

Pelagic & reefs


Learn to Dive in Cape Verde

Cape Verde, Sal Island

Have you always wondered what it is like to be and breathe underwater? Take the plunge and follow your passion by starting this adventure exploring the underwater world Cape Verde has to offer. It will an experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

  • Experienced in-house dive centre
  • Opportunity to see manta rays
  • Great underwater topography
  • Island hopping opportunities available


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ZeroPointArt Gallery

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Destination Fact File

Reefs, caves and wrecks set around some amazing underwater topography.

Cape Verde dive sites map and details. Find out more about the diving available in Cape Verde. Use the map below to navigate around the area and select a dive site on the map to view the details or select a dive site on the navigation and the map and information will update.

You can view all our Cape Verde dive sites on Google Earth using our downloadable Google Earth overlay. Click Here to download the Ultimate Overlay.

Climate Information

Wildlife Calendar

Cape Verde was discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, when the islands were uninhabited and there was no evidence of previous settlement. However, by the late 15th century settlement had already begun and today it is an up and coming popular tourist destination. This is thanks to its spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful deserted beaches. This country offers historical mystery of colonial style towns like Ribeira Grande the first European City in the tropics. Visitors are presented with a vast array of contrasting landscapes, ranging from dry magnificent dramatic volcanic areas, luscious and green grasslands and fine white sandy picturesque beaches.

Cape Verde is also famous for its large fabulous markets which are located on the majority of the islands. Although some are livelier than others they all give visitors a real sense of the countries culture and a good bargain on unique items. The island of São Vicente’s is renowned for its lively and energetic Carnival, whilst the Baia das Gatas Festival is a more traditional affair. Throughout all of the islands, it does not matter which island that you choose to visit, they all offer a fascinating mixture of African and European customs and conduct. This is best reflected in the traditional delicious foods, with Portuguese foods, such as fish and seafood based dishes, olive oil, garlic, lemon and sausage, and African foods, stews, beans, maize and tropical crops are comfortably combined on most menus.

Although the country is becoming more and more popular amongst traveller’s it has still surprisingly managed to retain its original beauty and heritage through its original Portuguese architecture.

As Cape Verde consists of numerous different islands, all separated by water it is not surprising that the water sports offered here are great, with perfect conditions for a variety of water sports such as diving as the waters here are home to many different species of marine life and wrecks dating back to the early 19th century and sailing.

Cape Verde Diving Holidays - Diving Information

Cape Verde is a fantastic new diving destination which is truly unspoilt giving you the luxury of a dive site to yourself and a range of dive sites from a combination of reef, cave and wreck diving. The deep waters offer volcanic lava shoals falling sheer away to reveal caves and cracks full of tropical fish and giving you the opportunity to see morays and lobster, shark and manta.

Sal Island

Sal is the island with the most easily accessible diving with most of the dive sites are a few minutes boat-ride from the sandy beach. Most of the diving is on the south west side of the island.

Choclassa is one of the favourite dive sites. This is a ridge with big overhangs, smothered in bright yellow polyps and occupied with big aggregations of surgeonfish, goatfish, parrotfish, Atlantic big eyes and large scribbled filefish.

There are also a couple of wrecks around the island. The Santo Antao wreck and is suitable for any diving level. It's a small trawler sitting in 11 metres and will give you the opportunity to see the endemic Guinea grunts which are unlikely to be found in other sites.

Destination Key Information

Currency Cape Verdean escudo
Time Difference GMT -2
Vaccinations Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, yellow fever, Malaria, Rabies you may ask your nurse for advice.
Tipping A tip of 5 to 10% of the meal is always welcome though not required.
Passport & Visas You’ll need a visa to enter Cape Verde. Your passport should be valid for the full duration of your stay in Cape Verde.
Taxes 2 Euro per night in Hotels
Flight Routes Departing from Heathrow to Cape Town via Hamad Intl (DOH).
International Flight Durations Average flight will be 18hours and 20 minutes this may vary on different routes.
Luggage Allowance 30 KG
Transfer Information Once you arrive to your destination you will have someone waiting for you to take you to your liveaboard or hotel. It will take 30 minutes from the international airport, 5 minutes from the Orca Dive Club centre and 10 to 15 minutes from the town centre.
Dive Season Sal Island has an ideal climate and diving is possible all year round giving divers the opportunity to see different varieties of fish in different seasons. Between March and May it is possible to see whales and between July and November it is possible to see whale sharks and mantas.