Norma & Richard H. – North Sulawesi Diving Adventure

Customer Name: Norma & Richard H.
Date of travel: March 2015
Destination: Lembeh Straits and Siladen Island
Holisay Score: KBR:8/10 , Siladen Resort 9/10

Costumer Comment :

Ultimate Diving offer a very professional service, information delivered and questions answered promptly. Tell them what you would like in your holiday and they produce an itinerary, that in our experiences with them, is pretty spot on. If anything is not just quite right, no problems, they come right back with alternatives. All the staff we have dealt with have been really  knowledgeable, therefore on arrival at our various destinations and resorts, it has been what we were expecting. All transfers etc.. have run like clockwork, which after long flights, car and boat journeys, is exactly what is needed. We have always enjoyed good service and therefore good holidays.

Regards Norma & Richard H.