Dumaguete – The Dark Water Dive

Some of the guests on the Ultimate Diving Philippines FAM trip experienced the Black Water Dive in Dumaguete and Ian Griffiths has kindly described his experience so we could share with everyone.

Most divers whilst on a specific diving holiday look forward to a night dive or two. These are typically exploring the same reefs as dived during the day to see how the activity changes at night, or going off in search of a local Mandarin Fish population to see their mating behaviour. However, Atlantis Resort Dumaguete has something a little different to offer too – their Dark Water dive.

To start with, there is no reef to see. In fact, you cannot even see the seabed as you’re in deep water. Your only reference point is the lighting rig that’s placed in the water with you, and together with your buddies and guides, you all drift along into the unknown waiting for something to appear.

The lighting rig is there for one thing, attracting critters up from the depths. It consists of a float, from which lights are suspended every 5m. These lights attract all of the small plankton and juvenile creatures that only come to the shallows at night to feed. As you drift along with the rig all sorts of weird and wonderful things appear, some only at certain depths, many are translucent and some emitting a bioluminescent glow.

Divers are able to hold onto the rig if they feel the need and look at what comes into the light, or for the more adventurous diver, you can hang back away from the lights and see what appears from the darkness using your torch. Either way you’re in for a truly one of a kind night-time experience.