The perfect place to learn to dive or take a relaxing diving holiday

Dahab is our customer’s favourite place to learn to dive. We offer some of the best deals around with top quality training. This is a perfect place for families with younger divers in tow!

Dahab Diving Holidays - Diving Information

Dahab Diving Holidays - Diving Information



Friday, 06 December 2013

Fabulous Fiji by Marcelina Jesus on Sport Diver Magazine

Lured by the promise of world-class reefs and adrenaline-fueled shark encounters Marcelina Jesus ventures to the wild islands of Fiji.

Fabulous Fiji by Marcelina Jesus on Sport Diver Magazine

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The perfect place to learn to dive or take a relaxing diving holiday

Dahab has definitely got something for everyone. With its long winding promenade full of water-front restaurants and its carefree, relaxed atmosphere, it caters for all. There is wide selection of accommodation in Dahab to suit all budgets, ranging from cheap, clean, basic 3 star hotels to more costly luxurious 5 stars resorts. Whatever your choice may be, the people of Dahab are very welcoming and friendly, and your stay here will be much enjoyed.

You will never get bored of the food and shopping on offer at Dahab, as there is such a selection, there wouldn’t be enough time in your holiday to visit them all! The majority of shops and restaurants are located along the promenade, there is not really a beach at Dahab but the main reason the visitors enjoy it here is the relaxed and fun atmosphere that is very different from Sharm.

The diving which is mainly shore based, is superb at Dahab, as the underwater scenery is wonderfully picturesque. The beautiful sites in Dahab include the Blue Hole and the Canyon. Overall, the scenery above the sea and under the sea is beautiful, and the atmosphere in Dahab is great with plenty of welcoming locals.

Dahab Diving Holidays - Diving Information

The jagged mountains continue at the same angle underwater, forming a dramatic seascape of valleys, canyons and caves. Most of Dahab’s dive spots are geologically unique and particularly famous for the Canyon and the Blue Hole.

The Canyon takes its name from a long, narrow and very beautiful canyon created by an ancient volcanic activity. The huge fissure is home to hard and soft corals running north to south from the shallow reef just off shore to a depth of around 54 meters on the reef slope further out. Access to the site is through a shallow and sandy lagoon laying a few steps from the shore line. This site is inhabited by a rich fauna comprising Butterfly fishes, Bluespine Unicorn fishes, Cornet fishes and even juvenile Barracudas.

The Blue Hole is Dahab's most famous site. Divers can enter via the Blue Hole but another option is to go along the coastal path and enter through a gap in the rocks. A drop down to a sheer wall of 30 metres will allow you to reach an outcrop with scenic underwater topography, ideal for photographers. Some of the marine life here includes clownfish anemones, trevallies, jacks and barracuda.

Diving in Dahab is shore-diving; you simply drive along the shore by jeep or pick-up truck, gear up at the beach and start your dive. When entering the water, special care is needed, especially with high waves and during low tide.

Dahab Diving Season

Dahab is a year round diving destination, although if you are after really warm water it is best to visit the Red Sea between June and September.

The average water temperature ranges from 20 Degrees in February to 29 Degrees Celsius from July and October.

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