Cocos Island

UD Rating – 4 Star

MV Sea Hunter

Offers a stable and bobust trips to the islands.

Join this spacious vessel for a journey around the Cocos Islands. You can expect a fairly rough ride to the islands but once there you can enjoy a trip full of adventure. The diving is very remote and untouched.

M/V Sea Hunter is a stable and robust vessel previously used to serve the oil industry in Mexico. The redesigned boat combines powerful and functional machinery of a workboat with the comfort and modern interior of a liveaboard. She is a 36 metre boat built for long range expeditions to destinations like the Cocos Islands on 10 day itineraries. The 10 double cabins have en-suite bathrooms, drawers, shelves, circular porthole and air conditioning units offering space and comfort for 20 guests per charter. The 12 crew members aboard are friendly and experienced and will help with any questions or queries you may have.

The dining room has 5 booths allowing 4 guests to be sat in each making it a cozy and enjoyable area to enjoy the range of American and local cuisine that is served up every day. The large lounge has tables, chairs and long padded seating areas for you to relax, doze or catch up with your fellow guests. There is a variety of nightly entertainment including slide shows, DVD’s and games which also takes place in the lounge area. The study area has comfortable seating and a library that provides guests with a relaxed and private ambience and a personal computer is located here to allow you to view and edit your videos and photos.

The dive deck is large and well-designed offering individual gear storage, large cubbyhole with electric outlets and protected areas for cameras and lights. The huge extended dive platform is often used as a swim deck or launching platform for the kayaks between dives, it is also a popular gathering place for sightings of large fish including shark activity. The sun deck is furnished with loungers, tables and chairs and is the perfect place to catch some sun rays or watch the sunset. The chefs use this area to host their BBQ’s along with dancing under the stars; the large open area was actually designed specifically for landing a helicopter. The DeepSee is a custom built submarine carrying 1 pilot and 2 passengers to 450 metres offering a unique experience at dives sites like The Wall and Everest.

Double & Twin Cabins

There is space for 20 guests aboard the Sea Hunter. All the cabins have heads and showers. The cabins are furnished with drawers and shelves as well as having circular portholes.

  • Bed
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Storage
  • Air conditioning

Route Options

Vessel Details

Length 115 ft / 36 m
Beam 26 ft / 8.1 m
Draft 8 ft / 2.5 m
Displacement 250 tons
Engines twin GM 16V92 / 1200 total hp
Cruising Speed 9.5 knots
Range 3,500 nautical miles
Endurance 30 days (limited by food supply)
Tenders Two 24 ft heavy duty fiberglass dive boats - 17 ft rigid bottom inflatable
Portable Generators GM 6-71 75kw - John Deere 105kw - Portable Generator 5kw
Available Voltage 110/220 VAC - 60 Hz - 3-phase 208 VAC - 12 VDC
Fuel Tank 20,000 US gallons (78 tons)
Water Tank 15,000 gallons (60 tons) 1,800 gallons/day water maker
Air Compressors 2 x mako 18.7 cfm electric
Safety Two 25 person life-rafts. - Complete boat, crew and passenger safety gear. - Firefighting system throughout vessel. - Extensive first aid kit. - 20 personal diver locator systems.
Emergency Equipment Oxygen system and Medic First Aid Kit
Scuba Compressors 2 HP compressors - 1 nitrox generator
Scuba Tanks 30 aluminum 80 cu/ft tanks - 2640 cu/ft high-pressure storage bank
Technical Diving Full oxygen, nitrox and rebreather service. Passengers must bring their own rebreathers.
Regulator USD9.00
Wetsuits USD9.00
Dive Computer USD15.00
Torch USD6.00
Equipment Rental All diving equipment rental prices listed above are based on per person per day and are payable aboard the boat

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Friday, 06 December 2013

Fabulous Fiji by Marcelina Jesus on Sport Diver Magazine

Lured by the promise of world-class reefs and adrenaline-fueled shark encounters Marcelina Jesus ventures to the wild islands of Fiji.

Fabulous Fiji by Marcelina Jesus on Sport Diver Magazine

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