PADI Thresher Shark Speciality

The Exotic Dive Resort offers this exclusive PADI thresher shark specialty covering why the sharks are here in Malapascua, the threats they face, the basic anatomy and cleaning. The course further explains cleaning stations what they are, how to locate them and the importance they have for a healthy coral reef system.

This could quite possibly be the most exciting dives you will ever do if you interested in learning about these wonderful sharks.

What the Course Entails

1 to 2 days including 2 dives, manual, certification and use of required diving equipment.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Pre-requisites

Course Flow

Ensure you have read and are happy you comply with medical requirements or have taken a medical to confirm your fitness level.

This adventure can be done at the Exotic Dive & Beach Resort in Malapascua.

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