POST COVID are you worrying about where to go?

PRE Covid, deciding on your next diving trip usually meant reviewing your wish list in tandem with your bank account. Sadly, POST Covid it is not that simple and there are lots of factors to considered including the ever changing UK rules on travel!

Here at Ultimate Diving, we want you the customer to be able to get underwater blowing bubbles as soon as it is legally possible, we know and understand it has been a long slog and we are here to help and share our knowledge. Of course, we appreciate we are experiencing unprecedented times and have been working relentlessly with certain suppliers to ensure we can offer flexible booking conditions for your peace of mind.

High up on the list of viable destinations are the Caribbean and the Maldives, once the boarders are open, smaller islands have been able to speed through safe Covid vaccination programs. As an example, the Cayman Islands is one of those destinations, looking to have all adults fully vaccinated by the end of May 2021 and optimistic to be open by the 15th of June 2021 ready for November when the diving season hits full swing. BA fly to Grand Cayman with a brief stop and change of passengers at Nassau, the 9-hour flight is easy and comfortable.

We have a wide selection of Caribbean scuba diving destinations in our portfolio, Tobago, well known for its enormous brain coral, clear blue seas and its diverse and varied marine life. Equally Grenada offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean with over 30 dive sites ranging from shallow reefs, stunning topography, and exceptional wrecks all easily accessed by shore or boat. As well as Bonaire best known for its freedom diving. These are just some places to visit in the Caribbean that are outside of the Hurricane season and will hopefully open sooner.

The Maldives is a dream destination and only 10 hours away, BA do offer direct flights between November and March but there are plenty of other options available, a popular route is with Emirates via Dubai. Offering a true sense of romance and tranquillity along with picture perfect white sandy beaches, beautiful blue lagoons, and amazing diving. As well as being renowned for its drift and reef diving this destination should be on every diver’s bucket list, especially those with a non-diving partner who will be able to enjoy a relaxing massage, spa day or simply unwind on the white sandy beach while you are exploring the underwater world. At Ultimate Diving we offer a range of resorts and Liveaboards around these magnificent islands you can be sure we have something to suit you.