Its coming up to January again and it was time to dive!
How do you follow firstly Cocos Island in Costa Rica and then the mighty Galapagos??
Well quite simply……GO TO PALAU!!!!!!!!!

A great trip there with Asiana Airways as recommended by Marcelina and arriving at 4am in the morning after a stopover in Seoul was greeted at the airport in Koror by a representative from the Palau Pacific Resort who promptly takes me to the hotel and a swift check in later and a golf buggy ride ….was in bed by 5am!

Woke up to the sound of the sea and upon opening my window was situated right on the ocean with glorious balcony for morning coffee before a beach breakfast and an afternoon on the beach before being picked up by the Rock Island Aggressor Crew. FYI the hotel was AMAZING and staff super friendly and helpful.

The Rock Island Aggressor is a a wonderful vessel made for diving so after every dive your gear remained on the skiff and you just got out and were handed a warm towel to dry off before the next meal and next dive.

Fantastic Captain Ike and his wonderful crew were just brilliant and everyone was involved in every aspect of the trip from dive-leading to serving the food…a true team effort.

The diving was just amazing also Mantas on almost every dive and you name it……Palau has it.
A new moon the particular week I was on the boat and the were thousands of spawning Humphead Parrot Fish on one dive, sharks on every dive too and shoals of everything from barracuda to tuna.

A trip to open the week to Jellyfish Lake was just amazing and snorkelling in thousands of stingless jellyfish was a once in a lifetime experience.

I could write a book on everything that we saw and also have to mention Ronnie the chef made the BEST food I’ve ever had on a live aboard!

Thank you Rock Island Aggressor and Ultimate Diving for a week I’ll NEVER forget : O ) Steve