Alex Tattersall

Global Photo Specialist

Dr Alex Tattersall is a very active and award winning underwater photographer and the founder of Underwater Visions. He is the importer and distributor of the excellent Nauticam range of products for the UK, France and Ireland. This puts him in the perfect position to assist with both the many technical and artistic elements of your underwater photography.

My Favourite Places


We are excited to offer a photography centred multi-stop dive trip in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, during April 2018. This aptly-named ‘Passport to Paradise’ will take us from Murex Manado and the densely fishy /turtley dive sites of the Bunaken National Park on to the pristine soft coral reefs of Bangka and then finally to the curious critter kingdom of the Lembeh Straits.

Passport to Paradise with Alex Tattersall

Indonesia, Manado

Dr Alex Tattersall has teamed with Ultimate Diving to offer a fantastic Photography Workshop taking place at the amazing Lembeh Straits, Manado and Bangka Island. Alex is a very active and award-winning underwater photographer and the founder of Underwater Visions.

  • Receive advice about any aspects of your photography from Alex
  • Dive Manado, Banka and Lembeh
  • Escorted group travel
  • Designed for the intermediate/advanced UW photographers
  • Try some of the latest photo post-processing software
  • Informal, friendly and non-competitive workshops

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Personal Sign Off

Up close and personal with marine life.

Nothing can come close to the experience of close encounters with marine life, from the tiniest to the largest in the ocean. Looking through the lens takes me into an intimate world with my photo subjects and gives unrivalled insights into their fascinating lives and daily routines. All of life’s worries and concerns melt away during those blissful moments and keep me coming back for more and more.