Villa Almarik, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Customer Name: Mr P Snelson
Date of travel: March 2016
Destination: Gili Trawangan
Holiday description: 10 nights at Villa Almarik Resort
Holiday Score: 9/10

It was great. The place was great, the accommodation was great, the staff at Villa Almarik were great, the guys at Gangga divers were great, the diving was very good. Lots of really good soft and hard coral. There are more turtles than you can shake a stick at, white tips, squid, the most elaborate lion fish I have ever seen and best of all a herd of bumphead wrass about 6 of them! All transfers were great, on the way there they picked me up from the airport and transferred me by speedboat just had to pay for pony taxi. Check in was spot on even Sam from Gangga there to meet me as well, transfer back speedboat direct from Almarik to Lombok and pick up waiting and direct to airport.

The staff were very, very good and friendly, nothing was too much trouble on the 2nd night I woke with the most horrendous stinging in my leg, never experienced anything like it, went to reception they immediately took me to the 24 hour medic next door where I had an injection for the poison.  It was a centipede sting and it was very nasty.  The next day the manager was waiting for me after my first diving lesson he had paid the medical bill and would not take any money from me.  All the staff new about it and kept asking me if I was ok, I must admit one of the best run and friendliest places I have ever stayed and I have been to a good many places on holiday around the world.

Dive centre was very, very good too, Sam, Ajab and the crew did everything, took my kit the day I arrived and I collected the day before I left, I never did anything with it other than use it to dive.  THEY DID EVERYTHING. Gangga divers looked after not just me but where and when we dived sites to keep away from mass day divers.

I definitely think what I have said above is testimonial enough but I would be happy to add a bit about the actual place. It is very much a backpackers resort basic but a great atmosphere and value for money.  From what I was told March/April is the best time to go just on the end of their wet season and before peak season when it is rammed.