The Body Shop Spa

This Body Shop has nothing to do with automotive repair but rather everything to do with rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit after a long, tiring flight to Chuuk, a full day of diving, or just closing up a hectic business day.

Rowena, our resident massage therapist, is from the Philippines and has a college degree in Physical Therapy with more than 10 years of experience as a massage therapist. You will find her on the ground floor of the Truk Stop Hotel in a well air condition office where the soft sounds of easy listening music and running water create the most tranquil setting possible for the perfect massage.

Turn yourself over to Rowena and enjoy one of more than 5 different styles of massage. At $31.50 per hour or $42 for an hour and a half, this soothing full body massage is one of the best bargains you will find anywhere in Chuuk.


  • Masseuse


  • Free Treatments (all services are additional)

Additional Information

Services 5 different styles of massage
Price $31.50 per hour
Price $42 for an hour and a half
Resort Truk Lagoon Dive Center & Truk Stop Hotel

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