Scuba Diving trip to GOZO 2021

After not being able to getaway for over a year one of our customers was desperate to get back in the water blowing bubbles. With restrictions finally beginning to ease and the opening of a few scuba diving destinations Guy was keen to get away. We managed to organise him a safe, stress free and very enjoyable trip to GOZO, a small island north of mainland Malta, only 2 hours transfer away with a short ferry ride across the Gozo channel.

Gozo is often overlooked by divers, it is a relatively small island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the 21 islands that make up the Maltese archipelago. Believe it or not it is home to some world class diving! Another string on Gozo’s bow is it is only a short flight away from the UK and is very affordable.

All the above make Gozo a great place for a quick get a way! Offering beautiful blue seas that rarely drop below 13 degrees Gozo is a year-round diving destination offering plenty of marine life, exciting deep wreck dives and breath-taking topography.

Read on for Guy’s feedback on his July 2021 trip to Gozo……

“Gail perfectly organised a trip to Gozo in July 2021 when Malta was on the “Green list”. Despite booking at the very last-minute trip, the easyJet flights, Covid checks (arrival and departure tests) and transfers were like clockwork. Ritual dive are a new operator and the one stop shop of hotel, bar and dive centre was perfect. The rooms clean and comfortable and diving safe, professional, and very welcoming. I’m already planning a return this summer.”