Paul, M – Truk Master and Blue Lagoon Resort

Customer Name: Paul, M
Date of travel: November 2016
Destination: Truk
Holiday description: 10 days aboard the Truk Master and 2 days at the BLR

Hi Marcellina,

After the long wait the trip was well worth it.Given how far we had to travel and the amount of diving we got, I believe we got good value for money.The travel though tiring was efficient, although BA tried to downgrade me to economy on the way out because they had overbooked. This is commonly known as bumping, and overbooking is commonly done by all scheduled airlines, discraceful as the practice might be. Fortunately by creating enough fuss at Heathrow I was able to get my proper seat, but it seems 13 other people did not. All other flights, transfers etc went according to plan including getting my proper seat on the return BA flight.

We arrived in Weno very tired and jet lagged, but grateful for the couple of nights at the Blue Lagoon Resort where we chilled out, rested, snorkelled, and met a very interesting guy who was from New Zealand and brought groups of divers here regularly staying at the BLR and diving from skiffs. He had 50 divers arriving on the Friday. What really had John and in awe were photgrapghs he had taken inside the wrecks. He sets up a number of lights and by careful use of timelapse and superimposing the pictures produces some amazing shots.

Well rested we were picked up on time from the BLR on Wednesday lunctime, and taken to the Trukmaster. It turned out that we were the only two to have arrived. The other five were coming via Manila and their plane had been cancelled. Utd Airlines are apparently notoriosly bad. This meant John and I had the boat to ourselvbes for two days. The boat and crew were really great both on and off the divedeck and Martin the skipper was amazingly helpful. For example, I had taken a 5.5mm semi dry and with the sea temperature of 31c I was about to fry. Martin stepped in and lent me a 3mm for the duration. The food was plentiful and very good. The indian chef was brilliant and he introduced his evening meal to us each day.

So, before the others finally arrive Friday lunchtime, John and I had 7 dives . When they did get there, there were 3 guys from Cornwall with rebreathers and an Australian and his German wife on open circuit. Good crowd and we all got on well. The boat can take 16 but our view is that this would make the divedeck etc a little crowded. But with just 7 it was perfect and apart from the married couple we each had our own cabin. The cabins and the living areas were really excellent. Luxury.

The diving. Well what can I say. For anyone who enjoys diving wrecks, I fail to see how this coud be beaten. Up to 4 dives per day, I did 30 dives John 32 out of a possible 34. Average depths 30 - 40 meters. The conditions made the diving very easy. No current, good viz, (though the sea itself was often quite milky) easy bouancy and good dive guides. All this made decompression almost a pleasure. Clarity of the water inside the wrecks was incredible and with the help of Dave our guide we penetrated deep into the wrecks including a number of enine rooms. John has become an engine room junkie.

So I think you will have guessed that this was one of my best dive holidays ever.

Cheers Paul