Mr & Mrs Dixon – 14 nights at the Christina Hotel in Dahab

Customer Name: Mr & Mrs Dixon
Date of travel: November  2011
Destination: Dahab, Egypt
Holiday description: 14 nights at the Christina Hotel

Customer Comment:  

9 or 10 out of 10
We loved Dahab and our accommodation; the negatives relate to the weather not anything to do with the holiday itself. Some days were very windy, great for the wind surfers but making swimming and snorkelling difficult or impossible. It was never possible to have the recommended dinner by the sea at Nesima because of the wind. Susanna at Christina Hotel said that the climate in Dahab is changing and that November is becoming a windier and more unpredictable month. The answer seems to be to go slightly earlier. I was pleased with the original cost of the holiday. Thank you so much for sorting it out for us.

We are not divers but the snorkelling was brilliant. We tried various places in and around Dahab including the Blue Hole but found the reef directly in front of the hotel to have the best fish.

The ground organisations was great - we were met as we entered the terminal building and our visas were ready so we arrived at the hotel one hour after landing. Our return trip to the airport with the same guide and driver was equally smooth. The guide, a young man whose name I do not know, was very helpful. Check-in was fine for us but possibly not for Susanna because we arrived so early. She had to get out of bed to give us a tour of the facilities and explain how things worked. It reflects well on the hotel that this welcome from a fluent English speaker was not skimped.

The hotel was very good. Our rooms were excellent. We were moved after the first few days from one sea view room to another with an even better view. The hotel staff moved all our stuff for us, carefully putting everything in the same place in the new room as it had been in the old room. We had 2 rooms because we changed dates and the Hotel honoured our room request. You obviously did a very good job when you booked the hotel because you got us the room with the best sea view. Thank you very much.