ZipRider, Caving & Rappelling Extreme Adventure

After a safety briefing, the tour sets off with a short 10-minute hike up the trail that meanders through the foothills of the Maya Mountains, your guide will highlight plants and wildlife as you make your way to the cave site. After descending (rappelling) 30ft into the cave which extends up to 100 ft. around, observe stalagmites and stalactites inching towards each other to someday form a solid column. Look out for cave crickets, cave spiders, centipedes, millipedes, beetles, moths, bats and also birds that nest near the caves entrance. Caves in this area were used by the Maya and clay pots and shards are strewn throughout the cave. After a 30-minute tour we exit the cave via a rope ladder and move onto to the ziplines. This leads us to an extreme 400ft long, 280ft high zipline from foothill to foothill boasting a great view of the rainforest below. Dismount the zipline on a 125ft rope bridge to get to the rappel site. Now this brings us to the most heart pounding part of the adventure! One final rappel but this time a 200ft drop down a rock face which seems to stop time.

After rappelling a 20-minutes nature walk bring us to a well-deserved tasty Belizean lunch. Tour Timetable
0:00 1:15 Drive to Caves Branch site
1:15 2:00 Jungle hike to the cave entrance
2:00 4:30 Extreme zip, cave and rappel tour
4:30 5:00 Lunch
5:00 6:15 Return to Belize City docks


  • Buffet lunch
  • Orange juice or bottled water
  • Transport via coach


  • Additional drinks or snacks
  • Suncream
  • Insect Repellent
  • Additional activity

Additional Information

Duration 6 hours
Minimum Age 10 Years
Tour Language English & Spanish

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