Crocodile Encounter & ZipRio

Great opportunity for pictures and you may even get a chance to feed them if you’re there at the right time.

After the croc encounter it is time for ZipRiding through the jungles of Belize. The zip harness system of pulleys on horizontal traverse cables which lets you glide 100 – 450 feet between platforms up to 75 feet high in the trees at canopy level. After being fitted into the safety harness, the next 30- 50 minutes are spent zipping through a series of zip line runs from 7 jungle platforms. 4 lines crisscross over the river from bank to bank and the red air bridge between platforms 4 and 5 is perfect for a selfie- a truly unforgettable experience!

Tour Timetable

0:00 0:30 Land transfer to Rainforest Adventure Zone
0:30 1:30 Crocodile encounter
1:30 1:45 Issue equipment and safety briefing for ZipRio
1:45 2:45 Zip-line tour through the rainforest
2:45 3:30 Transfer to Belize City docks


  • Bottled water
  • English and Spanish
  • Transport via coach


  • Additional drinks or snacks
  • Additional activities

Additional Information

Duration 3.5 hours

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