Jungle Trolley, Bamboo Rafting and Mayan Village

The Olde Belize River, also known as River Wallace, reflects many miles of gallery forest teeming with wildlife and a variety of birds. Further along the route are Howler Monkeys, giant iguanas, and even crocodiles may be spotted. Small local farms punctuate the gallery forest reflecting village life even in the 21st century. About 2 miles downstream, you disembark your rafts for a snack and time for a little relaxation. The realities of Mayan life sets in as you visit an authentic Mayan village where the working class lived. See their dwellings and learn how they trapped animals and fish, then use clay ovens to cook their meals. Learn the medicinal benefits of plants, herbs and spices, and sample original Mayan cuisine.

Tour Timetable
0:00 0:30 Meet guests at the pier and transfer to the Rainforest Adventure Zone
0:30 1:30 Jungle trolley ride on jungle trails to rafting start point
1:30 2:30 Issue equipment, safety briefing and bamboo raft
2:30 3:30 Snack and leisure time in Mayan Village
3:30 4:15 Transfer back to Belize City docks


  • English & Spanish guide
  • Fresh fruit and nachos
  • Bottled water
  • Transort via coach


  • Additional activity
  • Additional drinks or snacks

Additional Information

Duration 4.25 hours

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