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M/Y Golden Dolphin II

Spacious and elengant, ideal for your Red Sea diving holiday.

The Golden Dolphin fleet offer a range of trips across the Red Sea. This vessel visits sites in the southern Red Sea. Some special interest trips run on this vessel.

M/Y Golden Dolphin II, the sister boat of Golden Dolphin is a 36 metre boat and was the second liveaboard built for Golden Dolphin Safari World. She offers 7 night itineraries around the Red Sea departing from Hurghada or Port Ghaleb with a choice of 4 routes to choose from visiting various sites including the Brother Islands, Abu Nuhas, Ras Mohamed, Abu Galawa, Rocky Island and the Island of Zabargad. The experienced captain, 8 friendly crew and 2 guides will lead you through the trip whilst helping with any questions or queries you may have regarding the boat or the itinerary.

M/Y Golden Dolphin II comfortably accommodates 20 guests in 8 twin cabins located on the lower deck and 2 double cabins located on the upper deck. All cabins come with en-suite bathrooms, mini bar, storage, fresh bedding a mirror and an air conditioning unit with individual climate controls for your convenience. The food aboard is a variety of international, Italian and local cuisine with the occasional BBQ suiting the needs of most customers. Any dietary requirements must be stated at the time of booking so the chef can adhere to any guests needs.

She has an air conditioned salon furnished with tables, chairs, well stocked bar and a TV/DVD providing the perfect place for you to relax in. The adjoining dining area is air conditioned, has 2 large tables and comfortable seating for guests to gather and enjoy 3 meals throughout the day. The exposed sun deck located on the top deck is furnished with sun mattresses with the large shaded sun deck below providing tables, chairs and ample space for all guests. The large dive deck has hot water showers, charging station and a camera table with the dive platform a few steps down with 2 steel ladders into the water.

Double Cabin

10 double cabins with AC, minibar private bathroom; 8 twin cabins on the lower deck, 2 cabins with king-size bed on the upper deck

  • Air Conditioning
  • Private Bathroom
  • Twin or Double Bed
  • Minibar

Route Options

M/Y Golden Dolphin offers a mixture of wall and wreck diving around the northern Red Sea for 7 night charters on the Brothers Islands itinerary. She departs from Hurghada or Port Ghalib and visits sites like the Aida II and the Salem Express all located in The Brothers area. The Red Sea has a high temperature and salt content due to its isolated location between Asia and Africa with a narrow passage to the Indian Ocean.

Top Dive Sites

The Brother Islands are one of the best diving spots in the world and are identified by two undersea mountain pinnacles rising from the depths of the abyss located 60 miles offshore from El Quseir. The Big Brother and the Little Brother Islands offer wall diving that is covered in soft corals and gorgonians attracting a diverse array of marine species. Tuna, barracudas, jacks and snappers cruise in the blue waters accompanied by the occasional white tip sharks, mantas and hammerheads.

The Aida II and the Numidia lie on the walls of the Big Brother and are perfect for divers who want to explore more wrecks than reefs. Both wrecks are covered in a rich growth of hard and soft corals attracting families of Napoleon wrasse and grey reef sharks.

The Salem Express is a 100 metre ferryboat sunk in December 1991 when it hit the reef during a stormy night and sunk rapidly without giving passengers and crew the opportunity to board the lifeboats. She is one of the largest wrecks in the Red Sea and roughly the same size as the Thistlegorm. The ferry boat is now covered in hard and soft coral that attracts thriving underwater life including frogfish, blue spotted rays, angel and butterfly fish.

Please Note:

You must be a PADI Open Water diver to be able to take part in this trip.

The tour descriptions (dive sites) are samples. Depending on the weather conditions and the quality of the divers other dive sites can be chosen.

In the deep south of the Red Sea we find the St.Johns reefs. Big Habili and Small Habili with their fantastic drop offs overgrown with big gorginias and colorful bright soft corals promise you to be a fantastic dive. You find a lot of marine life at the reef itself and as well in the blue you may see barracudas, different sharks, sometimes dolphins or manta passing by. Umm Erug seems to be the place of unusual coral blocks. Next to the main reef in a depth of 12m to 30m you find many different block formations who remind you of everyday life`s figures. Schools of small reef fishes, camouflage artists and small critters you can explore. Around two hours drive to the north there is the area of St. Johns Cave. The name cave is program and Umm Hararim impresses of its unique cave and canyon system. The main reef surrounded by a beautiful hard coral garden is on its south-west side full of holes like a Swiss cheese. In shallow water you can dive through the open passages to see the light show of the sun and the nice soft corals growing. On the way up to the north you pass by Sataya, Hamata and Marsa Alam area. Different divesides invite the divers to have great dives. Shaab Claudio makes fun! There you have caves, canyons, openings and passages in 5m to 16m depth. It´s easy to dive and full of marine life. Close to Shaab Claudio there is El Malahi, the children’s playground. The single coral towers stay close to each other overgrown with hard corals and invite to cruise around to discover the small overhangs and passages. In Abu Galawa Soraya there is a small wreck, a sailing boat sank in the 80th and it´s full of soft corals and the home of many glass fishes. In the south of Marsa Alam, (Wadi Gimal area) is Shaab Sharm. A huge reef with colorful overgrown drop offs and a gorgonian wall between 17 and 22m in the east direction. The plateau on the east side, starting from 18m to 32m depth, with its coral block formations is the home of a lot of marine life. Doctor fishes, napoleons, small critters and turtles eating and resting. The plateau continues small along the south side of the main reef. Dolphins, sharks and mantas patrol along the reef in the blue. South of the St. Johns area there is the 6 km reef line from west to east of Abu Fandera. Between the six long reefs you find passages which have different topographies full of coral blocks between 15m and 20m depth. Amazing soft corals in all kind of colors, reef fishes and small critters are common. Often you see a small reef sharks and napoleons and the highlight is the hump head parrotfish which is passing by in big schools of 30 or more.

The tour descriptions (dive sites) are samples. Depending on the weather conditions and the quality of the divers other dive sites can be choosen.

The Rosalie Moller is the Sister Ship of the World famous, and maybe the best wreck dive in the World, Thistlegorm Shipwreck. This former 108m long cargo ship transporting coal has been bombed and sunk in October 1941 by a German Air Attack during the World War 2. She lies now 55 m deep on a sandy seabed. The main deck is 35m deep and the mast raise at 18m. You can still see on the deeper part of the wreck the huge rudder and propeller as well as the ladders and handrails all along the main deck. The ship’s funnel is lying on one side. It is possible to penetrate the holds as well as the Bridge but unlike the Thistlegorm there is little to see as most of the artefacts have been removed? The hard and soft coral is covering the hull and makes great underwater pictures opportunities. In addition, this artificial reef attracts an interesting variety of marine life with Barracudas, Tunas, Jacks and Trevallies looking for their next meal. Reef Sharks can also sometimes be spotted. Inside the Rosalie Moller is full of Glassfishes, Lionfishes and Groupers. The Straits of Tiran, also one of the most famous diving areas in the Red Sea. Situated in the middle of the straits are four coral reefs: Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson Reef. The Gordon Reef is marked by the wreck of a large commercial freighter. The reef composition is quite varied, with patchy sections, sand beds and full-fledged coral gardens. In the centre of the reef slope, a shark amphitheater or bowl dips to 24m; with luck a variety of shark species can be seen sleeping on the sandy bottom. The site boasts a very good range of corals, with lots of branching varieties. All of the corals are well preserved, in densely grown patches that often show a remarkable mix of different species. Fish life is not the most profuse in the Straits of Tiran, but there are some notable surprises including a huge moray eel with a body as thick as a small divers waist. Triggerfish abound while surgeons and jacks swim in moderately large schools, and angels, parrotfish and small wrasse are all present in good numbers. The Brother Islands one of the best diving spots in the world. The Islands – the Big Brother and the Little Brother – are two small exposed promontories that just come out of the water in the middle of the sea at around 60km from the Egyptian coast line. The Little Brother has a very high concentration of life in a much reduced area. The walls are covered literally with sponges, anemones and all sorts of hard and soft corals in an astonishing variety of colors and shapes. Of course you will find here plenty of fish. It is not unusual to see sharks: hammerheads, thresher sharks, grey reef sharks, silvertip and whitetip reef sharks. About one km north of the Little Brother lays the Big Brother. Situated, in the middle of the island, is a lighthouse. When it is not too windy, you can proceed to dive the wreck NUMIDIA which lies upon the reef on the northern side of the island between 5m and 80m. This 150m long ship sunk in 1901 and is now completely covered with both hard and soft corals and gorgonias. At the NW side of the island you will find the other wreck: the AIDA. This 82m long steam ship sunk 1957. The remaining pieces of the wreck are scattered all over the reef and just the back side of the hull can be found between 34m and 60m. It is nicely overgrown and worth to visit. Because of strong current and may be high waves it is not easy to dive at the Brother’s. This safari is only for experienced divers. The Daedalus Reef is a huge reef formation that lies at about 180km south of Brother Islands. The reef is surrounded by a sheer wall all around, featuring a plateau on its southern side that goes from 28m beside the reef to 40m on the edge of the drop-off. If the weather is good, try to get as far north as possible and drift along one of the sides of the reef. Reef and hammerhead sharks are often spotted here. UW marine life is here more abundant than anywhere else, with schools of surgeons, fusiliers, carangids.

Vessel Details

Year Built 2005/2006
Length 38 metres
Beam 8 metres
Water 1 desalination system, 16 t per day
Engines 2 x Cummins K19, each 750 HP
Generators 2 x 80 kW (230 V) Perkins
Compressors 2 x L & W 280 EC; 1x Mattei LP ERC 507l
Connectivity VHF, DSC (Area I and II), Satellite EPIRB, Satellite phone, WIFI
Salon & Dining Area Spacious air conditioned dining area and salon
Entertainment TV/Video/DVD/CD media player, games and a library of books
Emergency Equipment Oxygen system and Medic First Aid Kit available aboard
Air Compressors 2 x divemix 250, 1 x membrane LP 280
Dive Deck Spacious dive deck with hot water showers, charging station & camera table
Tanks 12l aluminum-tanks DIN/INT, 15l tanks on request
Zodiac 2 zodiacs with outboard engine
Safety: Life jackets and 2 life rafts, oxygen and first aid, fire extinguishers in every cabin and in salons, fire fighting and alarm system, smoke detectors
Full Equipment EUR120
Wetsuits EUR30
Regulator EUR30
Torch EUR30
Dive Computer EUR30
Snorkel EUR6
Mask EUR12
Fins EUR12
Boots EUR12

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Sunrise Marina Resort & Emperor Divers in Marsa Alam

The overall holiday was excellent value for money. Emperor Divers provided an outstanding dive experience on day boat trips to provide some of the most relax dives I have ever encountered at reasonable depths.

Sunrise Marina Resort & Emperor Divers in Marsa Alam

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18 Jul 2019
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7 Nights North incl. Tiran Double Cabin £869
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7 Nights North incl. Tiran Double Cabin £869
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7 Nights St.Johns – Abu Fendera Double Cabin £913
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7 Nights Brother Islands-Daedalus-Elphinstone Double Cabin £1134
26 Sep 2019
3 Oct 2019
8 Nights Brother Islands-Daedalus-Elphinstone Double Cabin £1134
28 Nov 2019
5 Dec 2019
7 Nights North incl. Tiran Double Cabin £841
21 Dec 2019
28 Dec 2019
7 Nights St.Johns – Abu Fendera Double Cabin £832
28 Dec 2019
4 Jan 2020
7 Nights Brother Islands-Daedalus-Elphinstone Double Cabin £1015