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Fiji's Northern Reefs

The Great Sea Reef in Northern Fiji is best for specialist and ecologist divers who appreciate the unusual fish and macro invertebrate life on inner reefs, around mangroves or dramatic walls and passages.

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  • From £6395 per person
  • Single Supplement: Available upon request
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Additional Information

It may seem like a very long way to go but the Ultimate Diving team can re-assure you will get there and have the best time of your life. Nowadays it is possible to go halfway across the world with one transit stop making the journey more bearable. What’s waiting for you underneath the waves the other side of the world is so worth the travel time!

Your adventure starts with a relaxing night in Nadi before you head to Fiji’s second and third largest islands, Taveuni and Vanua Levu only an hour away from Viti Levu and where the best spots for a great diving adventure are exploring beautiful inner reefs, fabulous and dramatic outer walls, caves, gorgeous overhangs and great passages.

Diving in Taveuni is like going to heaven and back. Taveuni’s pristine reefs are some of the best in the world and the collection of soft corals will leave you asking for more. If you like photography then you must dive the Rainbow Reef and Great White Wall just a short boat ride away from the resort, we can guarantee you will not be able to stop yourself from pressing your camera’s shutter button.

Vanua Levu has rugged, meandering shores and numerous scenic bays and beaches along the untouched coastline. The best diving is to the south of the island around Savusavu Bay and surrounding dive sites, all accessible from nearby resorts. With the Namena Marine Reserve just 40 minutes by speedboat offshore offering world-class diving you can be sure your diving experience will be a varied and unforgettable one. You will also get to experience other excellent offshore dive sites ranging from reef walls teeming with pelagic to pinnacles covered with pristine soft and colourful corals.


Itinerary Overview

This magnificent diving adventure starts with 2 flights, both taking approximately 11 hours but quite straight forward, we promise you.

Departing from London Heathrow any day of the week at 09:20 and you fly direct to Los Angeles arriving around 12:30 local time. When you arrive Los Angeles, you have two options, book into the very comfortable airport lounge or get out and explore Los Angeles for a few hours.

Your onward flight to Fiji departs Los Angeles at 23:00 arriving Nadi at 05:20 local time. Please note that you lose a day on the way there due to the International Date Line (IDL).

Arrival in Fiji and relax at the Fiji Gateway Hotel before heading to the North of Fiji for your diving adventure.

Once you arrive in Nadi, you will be met by our ground handler team and transferred to the Fiji Gateway Hotel where you will spend the first night.

The hotel situated near the beach in Nadi and Nadi’s Garden of the Sleeping Giant if you are feeling adventurous.

We use this hotel on all our trips for its convenient location by the airport making it the perfect choice for a relaxing night before or after the international flights.

Fly to Taveuni Island in the morning and check in at the Paradise Taveuni, your home for the next 7 nights!

Your flight to Taveuni Island will depart Nadi at 07:00 and arrive around 07:25. Exact times to be confirmed at the time of booking.

Paradise Taveuni is a boutique resort positioned on 5 acres of oceanfront land with a unique deep-water frontage, perfect for couples and families looking to explore the great Somosomo Strait.

Diving starts the next morning. Waiting for you are some of the best sites in Northern Fiji including the Great White Wall; a soft coral dive offering an astounding wall of pure white soft coral. A coral encrusted swim through leads onto the wall from the reef top whilst a dazzling myriad of color and life inhabits the reef. Sometimes you can witness manta rays gliding past. In Taveuni you also have a range of shore dives where you can experience an abundance of fish life including anemone fish, lionfish, reef sharks, turtles, octopus, garden eels, blue ribbon eels, ghost pipe fish, moray eels and much more with a variety of a deep wall drop offs and shallow drift dives.

Explore the beautiful island Taveuni, it has so much to offer!

Today is a dry day! The ideal time for an uphill island exploration. There are a few things you can do while on the island including a trip to the Bouma National Heritage Park where you can enjoy the spectacular view of a series of three waterfalls.

You can also explore the three-mile Lavena Coastal Walk following the forest edge along stunning white-sand, explore a volcanic black-sand beach, walk through friendly villages, climb up forestland to Wainibau Falls and much more.

Explore another of Fiji’s peaceful islands, home to great diving, pristine lagoons and amazing hot springs.

You will fly from Taveuni at 08:50 and you will arrive at Savusavu at 09:55. On arrival meet by our rep and transferred to the Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa. This resort is located in a remote setting that defines paradise, immersing you in a genuine Fijian experience that’s nirvana to the core. In the unspoiled native north of Fiji’s second biggest island of Vanua Levu, this 160-acre sanctuary was born of a nature lover’s dream. This tropical retreat is etched within a coconut plantation that’s encircled by lush rainforests at the edge of a stunning private lagoon.

From the moment you arrive at the resort you will be embraced like family by all staff members. You will be greeted with a song that welcomes you to your home away from home followed by a traditional Fijian foot massage. Fijians are known around the globe for being the most warm and friendly hosts on earth and this warm welcome is coupled with diverse accommodation and recreation options which have made this resort an international favourite for relaxing holidays.

It’s time to explore the marine life around Savusavu Island and Namena Marine Reserve.

KoroSun Dive is a PADI certified diving operation with a fully equipped dive shop and custom-built dive boats.

There are lots of dive sites to explore including the “Dream House” offering a pelagic dive where you will encounter the residents school of scalloped hammerheads, grey reef, and white tip sharks, barracuda, bat fish and popcorn shrimp on adhesive anemones and maybe a silky.

Time to explore the island of Savusavu, a blessing guaranteed!

Savusavu is a beautiful harbor town with emerald hills on the background. Today you can take some time to go and explore the island's J. Hunter Pearl Farm and maybe get a few for you or a loved one, they are amazing, just ask our MJ!

Savusavu Hot Springs are also great to look for as you can find these vents of steam you see along the water’s edge are evidence of the volcanic activity that simmers below Savusavu's surface.

It is time to return home! Pack your backs and say your goodbyes.

You will depart from Savusavu at 09:05 and you will arrive at Nadi at 10:15. You will have a few hours to spare in Nadi. Ultimate Diving can check you into Fiji Gateway Hotel or you can take advantage of the spare time to go for a last-minute shopping spree, the choice is yours.

Your flight will depart Nadi at 21:40 arriving Los Angeles at 13:25, remember you earn some time back on your return flight. Essentially you arrive in LA on the same day you depart Fiji. Your flight to Heathrow departs Los Angeles at 17:20 direct into London Heathrow arriving home at 12:05 the next day.

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Friday, 06 December 2013

Fabulous Fiji by Marcelina Jesus on Sport Diver Magazine

Lured by the promise of world-class reefs and adrenaline-fueled shark encounters Marcelina Jesus ventures to the wild islands of Fiji.

Fabulous Fiji by Marcelina Jesus on Sport Diver Magazine

Enquire to find out more and personalise one of our selected itineraires, many of our itineraires are based on regular trips we offer our clients and give a good overview of what we can offer alongside our personalisation service. Speak to an expert to creat your perfect holiday including diving, experiences and stop-overs.

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Enquire to find out more and personalise one of our selected itineraires, many of our itineraires are based on regular trips we offer our clients and give a good overview of what we can offer alongside our personalisation service. Speak to an expert to creat your perfect holiday including diving, experiences and stop-overs.

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