Exchange for Change

The Women’s Skills Education Program presents a free community centre providing classes for literacy, English language, basic life and work skills, and vocational skills to local women in need, allowing them to access employment and achieve a sustainable income. The R.O.L.E Foundation has already helped 843 women through the graduation and employment process.

Destination Asia Indonesia is sponsoring 5 students each year, whose families cannot afford to put them through a college education. So when you sit down and communicate you get to hear their story. The story of hardship and struggle. Of growing up without. As you hear their story, we understand how fortunate we are, to come from a privileged family or country.

We help poor and marginalized women from Indonesia to receive skills education and find better-paid job conditions in the hospitality industry to give them the chance of gaining ground in the Tourism Industry - the biggest industry in Bali. This way we are targeting the goal of breaking the poverty cycle in Indonesia…

To contribute to this incredible project, we at Destination Asia Indonesia have created a special a half-day program which you can experience whilst staying in Bali. We will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the R.O.L.E. Foundation located in the area of Nusa Dua. Here you will have the chance during approx. 4 hours to interact with the students, learn how unused soap from hotels can be recycled to be given to poor communities in need of hygienic products, practice how to make Jamu, the traditional herbal medicine of Indonesia, pass on your knowledge in a computer class to teach the students some basic computer skills (e.g. PowerPoint presentations), or give an English lesson focusing on basic grammar, conversation and pronunciation to the students.


  • Mineral Water
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Transport
  • Class


  • Lunch
  • Additional drinks or snacks

Additional Information

Child age 2-12 years
Duration 6 hours

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