Minahasa Highland Tour

Itinerary: Kungkungan Bay Resort/ Sawangan/ Sumaru Endo/ Lake of Linau/ Rurukan/ Buddhist Temple/ Gardenia Resort (Vulcano view) / Kungkungan Bay Resort.

Sawangan - This place is an ancient Minahasan cemetery which has 144 very special graves called ‘Waruga’. Each Waruga tells it’s own story through beautiful decorations.

Sumaru Endo -A great place to view ‘Lake Tondano’. With the cool mountain air, you can view the hot spring or do some fishing (on Saturday and Sunday)

Lake of Linau - Beautiful lake with 3 colours of water. In some places you will see natural gasexcaping from the ground around the lake.

Rurukan - A high hill in the Tondano area with a stunning view where you can see Lake Tondano, Bitung City and even Lembeh Strait in the distance.

Woloan - This place in the Tomohon area is where they actually make all the beautiful wooden traditional houses and you can see them lined up on the side of the road. It is even possible to have a look around inside.

Buddhist Temple - A Buddhist temple with a high tower (9 levels) which offers a beautiful view of ‘Lokon’ volcano. (No pictures allowed inside)

Gardenia Resort - Have a rest or you can take a walk around the gardens with a nice view of ‘Loko’ vulcano in the background... After this we will be taking you back ‘home’ in Kungkungan Bay Resort...


  • Tour in a A/C private car
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance fees where required
  • Lunch
  • Applicable government taxes


  • Additional activities
  • Spending money

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Opening Times 8AM - 5PM


Wednesday, 04 March 2015

Mr & Mrs Cartwright – Micronesia and Hawaii

Mr & Mrs Cartwright have just returned from an amazing itinerary in Micronesia and Hawaii and its looks like they had an amazing time based on the images gallery down bellow.

Mr & Mrs Cartwright – Micronesia and Hawaii

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